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Coconut planting should be 7.5 x 7.5 meters away. At the middle of these four coconuts plant nutmeg, at the middle of the coconut line place cinnamon graft, black paper are placed near coconut pendant. For the plantation of coconut and nutmeg dug 1 x1 x1 meter size, 0.60 x 0.60 x 0.60 meters for cinnamon plantation and 0.30 x 0.30 x 0.30 meter pavement for black pepper plantation.



Under the pit, the damaged green wastage or Giripasha Pala, two to three kilo well-decomposed FYM as per recommendation, fill the pit with a mixture of single super phosphate and good soil. While digging the pit, put the soil on the surface of the soil slightly, so that the water does not accumulate with a stove of a tree. Keep the dough in the four corners of the pit or in the middle.

In the first year, the university recommended cultivate the Pratap, TxD coconut. Along with this, it is necessary to plant the cinnamon. In the first year, only coconut and cinnamon should be cultivated. In the fifth year should be planted nutmeg.


If planted as a banana or papaya mixed crop during the beginning of the garden, the masala crops get shade; Apart from banana and papaya production, the cost of garden management can also be managed in some proportion. It is possible to plant pineapple as early as a mixed crop. In the seventh year, plant black paper seeds near the stump of coconut tree.



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