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Varieties Cultivated

Important strawberry varieties cultivated in India are Chandler, Tioga, Torrey, Selva, Belrubi, Fern and Pajaro.  Other varieties include Premier, Red cost, Local Jeolikot, Dilpasand, Bangalore, Florida 90, Katrain Sweet, Pusa Early Dwarf & Blakemore.

 Land Preparation

The soil is ploughed during summer with a soil turning plough which is followed by repeated ploughing to make soil friable, remove weeds and stubbles. Soil fumigation with a mixture of methyl bromide and chloropicrin helps to increase root system, reduce fertilizer requirement and control the weeds.

Planting Material

Strawberry is commercially propagated by runner plants. For large scale propagation of virus free plants, tissue culture is widely used.

Planting Season

The ideal time of planting runners or crowns in hilly areas is September-October. If the planting is done too early, plants lack vigour and result in low yield and quality of fruits. If planted very late, runners develop in March and crops are light.

Runners are uprooted from nursery, made into bundles and planted in the field. These can be kept in cold storage before transplanting.


The soil should be frequently irrigated to reduce water stress in the leaf.  Defoliation suppresses the plant growth, delays fruiting and reduces yield & quality.


Planting distance varies according to variety & type of land.  A spacing of 30 cm. x 60 cm. is usually followed.  In the model scheme, a spacing of 30 cm. x 30 cm. with a population of 22,000 plants per acre has been considered which was commonly observed in areas covered during a field study.

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