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White grub is polyfagus pest which is hosting on more than 100 plants. So integrated pest management system should be apply for white grub control.


Mass collection of grubs at nights of first shower and after that.

Some beetles are inactive at night, branches should be shaken and fallen beetles collect and kill them.

Use light trap, jeep or tractors lights, kerosene vapour lamps for attracting beetles


Deep ploughing   in Summer in April May to disturb lifecycle of pest

Crop roation with paddy or sunflower


Use beavuria and EPN to control


Spray 200 g of Sevin or Carbaryl Adult beetles on the host plants such as neem trees For control  Adult.

Apply of Isofenphos @ 1.5 kg a.i./ha may be resorted to for the control of white grub.

Soil application Phorate 10% granules 6kg/acre at the sowing time.

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